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Brand New Derrick Storm Graphic Novel!

For the second year, the cast of Castle from the television show on ABC, went on to the San Diego Comic Con Exhibit.  Couple months ago, people announced that Marvel and ABC teamed up to create a graphic novel that is Castle based, featuring one of Richard Castle’s main character, Derrick Storm.

As announced, the graphic novel, Deadly Storm, will be out in stores on September 21, 2011, which is the same week as when Season 4 of Castle will be out.  Deadly Storm will be 112 pages long.  This graphic novel will be written by Brian Michael Bendis (author of AvengersUltimate Comics Spider-Man) and Kelly Sue DeConnick (author of Captain America and The Secret Avengers). Lan Medina (author of Fables) will be handling the interior art and Carlo Pagulayan (author of Planet Hulk) will create the cover art.

If you readers are looking for a sneak peak of the graphic novel, there’s no need to rush to Google or any other search engine, because I’ve got a link right here for you to look at the first four pages of the graphic novel!  If you would like to read the pages in a bigger size, just click on the picture, and it will zoom in for you!  Enjoy!


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