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“Head Case”

Hey, guys, I watched Castle Season 4 Episode 3, “Head Case”, two days ago.  This episode was very exciting, if you haven’t watched it, go online to or download it, and watch it.  This episode is surrounded by a lot of dead people in freezers, preserving brains, which is one of the most exciting part of the episode.  Alexis Castle (Molly C. Quinn) will not get accepted into Stanford, and she will be all depressed about it, but, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) tries to comfort her through it, and Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) tries to help out with Richard worrying about how Alexis is feeling.  I hope you guys all enjoy/ed it!


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  1. Hey, Thanks for posting this. You have made some really interesting point in this article. I like it and I’ll keep coming back. Bye!

  2. Hello there! Nice post! Please inform us when all could see a follow up!

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