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“Once Upon a Crime”

Hey, guys.  Sorry for this VERY late post, I have been pretty busy lately.  I have already watched Castle Season 4 Episode 17, “Once Upon a Crime”, quite a while ago.  This episode is pretty interesting, because Writer Richard Castle solves who was the murderer just by how three victim’s bows on their dresses were tied.  The murderer this time kills two young women and dresses them as fairytale characters.  The first victim was dressed as Red Riding Hood and Snow White.  At last, to be less suspicious, she almost killed herself and dressed herself with a Sleeping Beauty costume, but Castle noticed the tying of the bow, so, Detective Beckett (Stana Katic) arrested her for murder.  I hope that you have watched it, and that you enjoyed it, and if you haven’t go online to watch it or download it and watch it!  Enjoy!


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