“Head Case” Trailer

Hey, guys.  I was just surfing YouTube, and I came across the trailer for Castle Season 4, Episode 3!  Thanks to castleforever97 for uploading it!  Enjoy!


“Heat Rises” & “Derrick Storm: The Graphic Novel”

I know that the two novels by Richard Castle are out in bookstores now.  I have not gotten either one of them, because they are not available in the bookstores in Taiwan yet.  Not that I know of.  I hope all of you guys that got a copy really enjoy it.  I am looking forward to getting copies for myself, and as soon as I finish reading them, I will write a review about them, right here, on this blog.  So…  Subscribe to this blog!  Thank you!

Heroes and Villains Synopsis

A ex-con is mysteriously slain in an alley.  Castle and Beckett believe a vigilante is behind the murder, but, efforts to identify their suspect are thwarted when they discover that he roams the city in a Superhero costume — and may indeed be a Superhero. Can they capture and unmask the killer before he strikes again?  Season 4, Episode 2 of Castle airs on September 26th, right after Season 4 Episode 1’s air date, which is on September 19th.  Castle is aired on Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.  Everyone, look forward to the day Castle Season 4 airs!

Season 4 Poster!

Hey guys.  Castle Season 4’s official poster is now out.  I am glad to share it with you.  The poster looks mysterious, but, with the ending of Season 3, lots of people are wondering if there is going to be Caskett, as in maybe Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) will hear what Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) said when she was dying, and maybe they will become a couple or an item.  So, tune in on September 19th, on ABC, at 10/9c to catch the first episode of Season 4!


Heat Wave & Naked Heat

Hey readers!  I have already read the two books by Richard Castle, Heat Wave and Naked Heat.  I really liked both of them, so, I would recommend them to you guys.  I’m thinking that lots of you guys don’t want spoilers so, I won’t be giving out any information about it.  If you haven’t read it already, and you don’t have the book, go to the nearest bookstore near you, and buy a copy!


As said on the last post, the first episode of Season 4 is called “Rise”.

In Season 3, the CASTLE cast left us with Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) almost dying in Richard Castle’s (Nathan Fillion) arms at Captain Montgomery’s funeral.

Sources say that in Season 4, Kate will be in the hospital recovering from the shot, while Javier Esposito  (Jon Huertas) and Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) stay at NYPD 12th Precinct, adjusting to the characteristics of Victoria “Iron” Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald), the new captain at the precinct.

First 5 Episodes of Season 4 Titles

I found out the titles of the first five episodes of CASTLE Season 4.

Season 4 Episode 1: “Rise”

Season 4 Episode 2: “Heroes and Villains”

Season 4 Episode 3: “Head Case”

Season 4 Episode 4: “Kick the Ballistics”

Season 4 Episode 5: “Eye of the Beholder”

CASTLE  Seaosn 4 Episode 1 will be out on ABC on September 19, 2011 at 10/9c look forward to it!